Our Company Organized Business Etiquette Training Release time: 2020-07-20  Views: 2584

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In order to improve the conduct of staff in business activities, strengthen the cultivation of personal etiquette habits, as well as improve the external image of the enterprise and the comprehensive quality of the staff. On the afternoon of July 15, 2020, our company organized a business etiquette training in the conference room.This training invited teacher Wei who is a famous business etiquette trainer in Luoyang to give lectures, the company's comprehensive management department and the foreign trade department participate in the training.


Teacher Wei introduced major contents, features, principle and other theory knowledge of business etiquette to trainees with affectionately interpretation and vividly pictures, fully explained the formal way of dressing, behavior, communication, reception, riding, business banquets and other basic common sense, making the trainees learned the skills in increasing  business culture taste and charm.



In order to achieve a better training effect, teacher Wei interacted with trainees and made self-example to enliven the atmosphere. Teaching through lively activities is not only enhances trainees' participation and enthusiasm, but also deepens their understanding of business etiquette knowledge. The whole training scene was filled with joy, in the lively learning atmosphere, everyone mastered many practical social etiquette knowledge, strengthened mutual understanding and communication, the effect was very prominent, it was highly praised by the participants.




Details always determine whether we can success or not. The behavior of employees is not only the performance of their own professional quality, but also reflects the overall image of the enterprise. The study of business etiquette and the form of good behavior habits need continuous learning and improving. This training deepened the cognitive of employees how to build occupational quality, as well as made the majority of the staff will bring these etiquette habits into their daily work, constantly developing good professional ethics. In company, forming several good habits,for instance, to be polite, etiquette and good image. When we step outside, we should show a excellent social image of company with our formal and high grade service etiquette and personal charm.