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Tantalum Crucible

Product Description:


Yuxiang provides three kinds of processing methods of tantalum crucibles. Stamping tantalum crucible, sintered tantalum crucible and welding tantalum crucible.


The process of stamping tantalum crucible is to select high quality tantalum sheet or tantalum foil with appropriate mould for single or multiple stamping production. This process has the advantages of moderate cost, high dimensional accuracy, relatively high mechanical performance. It is suitable for the production of small and medium-sized crucible, it has been widespread used.


Sintered tantalum crucible is the process of molding tantalum powder with isostatic pressing technology, then getting high temperature sintered  in vacuum environment. This process is suitable for large tantalum crucible.


The process of welding tantalum crucible is to choose appropriate size of the tantalum sheet or tantalum foil by roll barreling and welding in seams, then after finishing the cylinder welded circular plate and size rectify, finally the qualified crucible is finished.


Our tantalum crucibles are of a good taper, outer diameter, height, wall thickness, edge radius on the bottom etc.  We can also tailor the different tantalum crucibles to customers'requests.


Tantalum (Ta) is one of the most corrosion-resistant metals and it has the fourth highest melting point of all metals. Tantalum crucible is an important furnace container for rare-earth metallurgy because its excellent corrosion resistance properties. It is also an excellent material for laboratory crucibles.