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High Temperature Alloy Materials

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Nb  Ti Alloy
Nb Ti Alloy

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    Nb-50% Ti-50% is an alloy consists of niobium and titanium. Normally the content of titanium is between 20% and 60% for industrial-used niobium titanium alloys.

    Nb-50% Ti-50% has good superconductivity and is used in superconducting industry. It is also very strong, so it is also used in aerospace industry.

    Niobium titanium alloy is an important alloyed superconductor material. Its superconductive transition temperature is 8K to 10K. If other elements are added into the alloy, superconductivity will be improved.

    Niobium titanium alloy is sintered by alloyed powder. We use vacuum electrode arc furnace or electron-beam furnace to melt the alloyed ingots. NbTi is available in standard and custom compositions and forms such as wire, sheet, bars, tubing, and sputtering target.



    Niobium Titanium alloy superconductor has been widely used among thousands of known superconductors due to its excellent comprehensive properties. It is a key material in superconducting magnets for medical nuclear magnetic resonance and large scientific devices.