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High Temperature Alloy Materials

TZM Alloy Molybdenum TZM Release time: 2020-06-10  Views: 1144
TZM Alloy Molybdenum TZM
TZM Alloy Molybdenum TZM

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Product Description:


TZM alloy is a molybdenum-based alloys commonly used in a high-temperature alloys containing 0.50% titanium, 0.08% zirconium, the remaining 0.02% carbon molybdenum alloy. TZM is stronger than pure molybdenum and possesses a higher recrystallization temperature and better creep resistance.

TZM alloy advantages:

 1)  TZM alloy has good mechanical properties, in particular its mechanical properties are better than that of pure molybdenum at high temperatures. Table 2 (Ti0.5 / Zr0.1) TZM alloy mechanical properties, Table 3 TZM (Ti0.5-Zr0.08) the tensile strength and elongation at high temperatures.

 2)  TZM alloy (molybdenum zirconium-titanium alloy) also has good weldability, the material can be well H11 steel welding. Meanwhile TZM alloy is resistant to liquid metals such as Zn corrosion. It is cold-worked by conventional methods. In the case of cooling lubricants available cemented carbide or high speed steel cutting tools for machining.



TZM is widely used in the aerospace, aviation and other industries. It could be used as nozzle material, valve body, gas piping materials, tubes in the gate material, die casting molds, extrusion dies and high temperature furnace heating element and heat shield etc.