High Purity Tantalum Niobium And Alloy Materials

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Niobium Sheet/Strip
Niobium Sheet/Strip

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Product Description:


We produce niobium sheet/plate with strict test and production processes. Our niobium sheets are cold rolled and vacuum annealed with proprietary reduction rates to ensure ideal metallurgy. Each sheet undergoes a stringent inspection for dimensions, surface finish, and flatness. We provides niobium sheet(plate) in a wide range of thicknesses and widths.


Our niobium titanium alloys and ultra-high purity niobium sheets (R04220 RRR Grade) are engineered for superconductor, super collider, and high energy particle accelerator applications.



Excellent mechanical properties in room temperature and high temperature, high melting point, low density, good machining performance, niobium sheet has been widely used in aerospace engines, the propeller of helicopter, liquid bipropellant engine of rocket-powered missile, nuclear reactor, submersible, gas turbine, engine and high temperature areas.