High Purity Tantalum Niobium And Alloy Materials

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Tantalum Plate
Tantalum Plate

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Tantalum Sheet (plate) can be grouped into tantalum plate, tantalum strip and tantalum foil according to different sizes. Yuxiang provides tantalum sheet(plate) in a wide range of thicknesses and widths. We can cut to precise dimensions with very tight tolerances.

By controlling production processes, we can ensure good mechanical properties, grain size, texture and chemistry of the finished products.



Tantalum sheet is excellent material for chemical preservation and high temperature furnace. In the fields of medicine, tantalum sheet can be used in the artificial ears. Its malleability makes the artificial ears suitable for human bodies. And there is almost no difference in appearance from the real ears. In the fields of industry, Tantalum sheet can be processed into cups, caps, tubes, cones, nozzles, etc, by spinning and deep drawing. In the fields of electronics, high temperature and reactor container, tantalum sheet are also widely used.