High Purity Tantalum Niobium And Alloy Materials

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Tantalum Wire
Tantalum Wire

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    Yuxiang produces high purity uniform shaped tantalum wire with high density by using multiple production processes. Our tantalum wire has excellent mechanical properties, clean&smooth surface, good metallurgical structure. We can customize a variety of sizes and diameters of tantalum & tantalum alloy wire to meet your requirements.



    Tantalum wire is widely used in electronic industry. It is mainly used as anodic lead wire of tantalum electrolytic capacitor. Tantalum wire is also used in the electronics industry in the manufacture of rectifiers and capacitors. Other applications include medical devices, chemical processing, and lighting applications. Whether in the cold and hot conditions, hydrochloric acid, concentrated nitric acid or in "aqua regia", tantalum wire has no chemical reaction. In medicine, tantalum is used to make flakes or sewing thread to mend the destructive tissue.