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CuMo70CuCu CPC Base Flange Heat Sink

CuMo70CuCu CPC Base  Flange Heat Sink

Product Description:

Cu/Mo70Cu/Cu (CPC) is a sandwich composite like Cu/Mo/Cu including a Mo70-Cu alloy core layer and two copper clad layers. The ratio of the thickness in Cu:Mo-Cu:Cu is 1:4:1. It has different CTE in X and Y direction, higher thermal conductivity than that of W(Mo)-Cu、Cu/Mo/Cu and more cheap. All types of Cu/Mo70Cu/Cu sheets can be stamped into components



  • Large sized sheets available (length up to 400mm, width up to 200mm)

  • More easily to be stamped into components than CMC

  • Very strong interface bonding which can repeatedly resist 850℃ heat shock

  • Higher thermal conductivity and lower cost

  • No magnetism



Its expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be designed for use in rf, microwave and semiconductor high-power devices.